Model No. 6440ENT Bluetooth® Door Controller for Commercial Properties

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The Master Lock No. 6440ENT Bluetooth® Door Controller easily installs into electric strikes or magnetic locks to provide secure access to commercial properties. The Master Lock Bluetooth Door Controller operates with the easy-to-use Master Lock Vault Enterprise smartphone app, offering businesses the simplicity and savings of keyless security with the added benefit to control, monitor and track building access.

Product Features

  • Use your smartphone to open and manage your door with the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app
  • Secure door access: only those with an authorized device can enter
  • Grant or revoke access quickly: efficiently ensure the right users have the right access
  • Valuable audit capabilities: easily monitor access and access history with robust data and audit trails
  • No keys to lose, no combinations to forget. No unauthorized key duplication.
  • Includes Master Lock Vault Enterprise IOS and Android app, and web interface, designed for business applications working with many locks and many users.
  • Easy installation: wires into electric strikes and magnetic locks
  • Slim profile fits common door frames
  • Strong Bluetooth signal for reliable connectivity